Make Sex Gains with CrossFit

CrossFit shapes up more than bodies. It shapes up sex lives, too. If someone's not hitting it hard with CrossFit, then they’re probably not hitting it hard in the bedroom or wherever else the mood strikes. Statistics prove this. According to a Singles in America survey cited by LiveMore:

"5,000 singles, 33% of those who work out twice a week have sexual relations at least once a month. It was also determined that those who practice CrossFit proved to be the most active under the sheets: at least 45% of CrossFitters had sex monthly, and 55% of them went on at least one date during the year."

People who do CrossFit work out so intensely, they have more sex than people who do other types of regular workouts. This is because CrossFit enhances the endocrine system, which boosts testosterone in both men and women. This testosterone increase also increases the sex drive.

Additionally, Cross Fit transforms how people look, feel, and move. It improves one's overall health. Improvements in these areas translate to sexual gains because of gains in

  • self-confidence
  • emotional awareness
  • sex appeal
  • blood flow
  • flexibility
  • stamina.

There's a popular game that involves picking a famous person to spend one night with. Not many people pick a famous person who lacks desire, self-confidence, emotional awareness, sex appeal, blood flow, stamina, and flexibility. Think about it. Have you ever said, “Wow, I’d just love to spend a night with Idris Elba or Gal Gadot, if only they’d gain about fifty pounds each plus be an unsure, unresponsive, boring, cold, stiff heavy breather?"

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Moves That Help Bust a Move

Squats play a major role in how well a person moves in the bedroom. They mimic “certain motions” and build strength because they tone the legs and backside. They also burn fat and help improve balance and posture. All of this enhances movement under the sheets. Or above them. Or next to them. Squats combined with weights add more burn. It’s time to start burning, any way possible.

The ole slam balls technique works wonders, too. (Notice there’s no “the” in that phrase!) Slam balls into the ground. Or, slam wall balls into a wall in a variety of moves to increase cardio capability and tone the whole body. Playing with balls releases a lot of stress. The sheer force of slamming balls into the floor or wall feels beyond good and puts people in the mood.

Don't Be a Tease

Give your clients what they want by making sure they can get their CrossFit freak on in your gym. Rally Fitness will show you how to make your facility a source of pleasure. Contact us today.

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