CrossFit: A Lifestyle That Includes a Workout

CrossFit means that the people who live the lifestyle nourish their bodies instead of just stuffing their mouths with junk. CrossFit also demands that the people in it rest so that their bodies and minds recover from the trials and tribulations of being a CrossFit athlete.

Anyone who does anything else in the program is half-assing it.

Diet and rest prove essential to progress and longevity. Without them, injuries and poor performance abound. Both bad nutrition and a lack of sleep weaken performance in other areas of life as well, like on the job or in the bedroom.

To anyone who hasn't done so already: It's time to get serious.

Eat Clean or Go Home

Abs happen in the kitchen. That’s a fact of life. Working out without eating clean might tone up some flab, leading to small gains. Maybe the people who do that wind-up looking like well-toned semi- trucks. But we’re gonna go out on a limb and say that just about nobody wants to look like a semi-truck, well-toned or not. 

 In an Eat This, Not That! piece, Perri O. Blumberg recommends that CrossFit trainees eat

  • almond butter
  • bananas
  • coconut water
  • eggs
  • oatmeal
  • sweet potatoes.

There are more suggestions. Go to the Eat This, Not That! page to learn them.

Oh, and anyone who’s new to the lifestyle may not know to avoid what’s called “gastrointestinal discomfort food” before working out. Anyone like that should do everyone in their program a favor by checking out that page for the best kinds of food to not eat before getting sweaty.

Now, a good rule of thumb for how much to eat comes from reading a piece that Jack Braniff wrote for Box Nutrition. In the piece, Braniff talks about total energy expenditure, or TEE. This means a person eats according to the energy he or she expends. TEE consists of 

  • metabolic rate
  • thermic effect of activity 
  • thermic effect of food.

Braniff simplifies it to 

                                               TEE = BMR + TEA + TEF                

To learn the details on TEE, go here.

Hit the Sack Jack, For At Least Eight

Sleep matters. A lack of sleep leads to weight gain. Extra weight causes all sorts of problems with CrossFit goals. A lack of sleep also leads to a lack of focus.

Many people underestimate the amount of sleep they need. Anyone who does CrossFit should strive for at least eight hours a night. Even a loss of thirty minutes diminishes gains.

These workouts promote sound sleep by helping to adjust hormones. This is part of the process. The human body is designed to function to maximum capacity when it eats and rests well. 

And the stronger one gets, the more workout challenges one needs. Equipement plays a big part in meeting those challenges.

Use Military Grade Equipment

Rally Fitness believes that all CrossFit programs should offer their clients equipment that supports their fitness endeavors. We offer military grade training options for CrossFit professionals to help people achieve their dreams. They're eating right and sleeping right. Let them train right, the military grade way. Contact us today to learn more.

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