A premier provider of fitness equipment, free weights and accessories for gyms, institutions and the general public, Rally Fitness offers fitness equipment that serves the needs of your athletic facility.  Whether you focus on strength and conditioning, functional training or general fitness, Rally Fitness is the commercial fitness equipment provider for you. 

Rally Fitness has provided high quality fitness equipment to health clubs, fitness affiliates and gym chains, military and other federal government clients, local municipalities, schools, hotels and apartments, retail stores, garage gyms, and more. 

Rally Fitness equipment is made in the USA and Asia, depending on the item, and we're proud to put our name on all of our products.  Our 30 years of combined experience with fitness equipment, manufacturing, and sales, guarantees top-of-the-line fitness equipment backed by industry professionals.  When you're ready to make your facility a success, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff. 

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How CrossFit Training Can Help Kids Learn

October 03, 2016

During this time of year, all of that “hot fun in the summertime” is but a pleasant memory. The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are turning, football is on TV and the kids are back in school. Whether the little ones look forward to those days in the classroom or dread getting up each morning depends on many things, the most important of which is their ability to learn. As a kid, nothing is more miserable than sitting in a classroom and being unable to grasp academic concepts – especially if every other kid in the room seems to be getting them!  Whether it is mastering elementary or middle school arithmetic, reading, science, a second language, literature or any... Continue Reading →