A premier provider of fitness equipment, free weights and accessories for gyms, institutions and the general public, Rally Fitness offers fitness equipment that serves the needs of your athletic facility.  Whether you focus on strength and conditioning, functional training or general fitness, Rally Fitness is the commercial fitness equipment provider for you. 

Rally Fitness has provided high quality fitness equipment to health clubs, fitness affiliates and gym chains, military and other federal government clients, local municipalities, schools, hotels and apartments, retail stores, garage gyms, and more. 

Rally Fitness equipment is made in the USA and Asia, depending on the item, and we're proud to put our name on all of our products.  Our 30 years of combined experience with fitness equipment, manufacturing, and sales, guarantees top-of-the-line fitness equipment backed by industry professionals.  When you're ready to make your facility a success, please contact one of our knowledgeable staff. 

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Choosing the Right Box: 7 Things to Consider

November 21, 2016

Deciding to be stronger, healthier and happier is easy. Accomplishing this is quite another thing. It takes commitment and support. It also takes some forethought, especially if it will involve CrossFit training. First, it should surprise no one that not every CrossFit box is exactly same. Some have better coaches and programming while others have a more holistic health approach. Each of these criteria (plus several more) should be taken into consideration before choosing a program. There are literally hundreds of criteria one should consider before joining a CrossFit program, but there are seven which carry more weight, and therefore will likely help you lose more and lift more. Make a List of Your Goals The old adage is true.... Continue Reading →