Enhance Your Fitness Facility's Functionality

The benefits of using a functional trainer at home are well known, but these machines also work wonders in commercial workout facilities. The flexibility of this machine is hard to beat. And it works for a cross-section of the population, the kind of people who visit

  • hotel workout rooms
  • work gyms
  • work gyms
  • school gyms
  • hospital/rehab facilities.

Let’s look at why.

Keeps You Long and Lean

The functional trainer is compact. That means you can squeeze them into small places and remove other items that lack their versatility. This provides clients with more options and leaves your facility with more space.

Bulks Up Your Wallet

These machines save money because they incorporate a number of exercise options into one machine. Therefore, there's no need to spend money on things like weight stacks. And it cuts down on the range of free weights needed.

Provides Smile Gains

The functional trainer works for beginners who are just starting a workout program as well as pro-athletes. It's even great for rehab patients. That means it keeps the wide range of people who visit your gym happy.

Everyone Earns a Gold

Because this machine uses cables, there's no limit on what a person can do. As long the user understands how to move with the cables and employ different angles, a good workout is within reach. It's not hard to figure out.

Newbies Feel Like Pros

If one of your goals is to help people start an exercise program, a functional trainer is a good way to do that. As we mentioned above, it's easy to use for just about anyone. But there's another reason it works for newbies: It's less intimidating.

The unobtrusive design, as well as the quietness, draws in those who are new to working out. There's no clanging like sometimes happens with free-weights. It doesn't demand an aggressive attitude. 

Let's Streamline Your Fitness Facility

So what are you waiting for? Get functional! Contact Rally Fitness today so we can talk about getting your fitness facility stocked with a functional trainer.

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