Using Food Labels for Fitness

The latest fight over  labels has brought a lot of attention to the packaging of some of our favorite foods. As the years have passed, movements, including the latest to disclose the presence of genetically modified organisms, (or GMOS) have worked to include more information about our food right on the packaging. We now know how many calories are in a package of Oreos, for instance, and if that loaf of bread is made with high-fructose corn syrup. Though we’re presented with plenty of good data about our food, it can sometimes be difficult to use this data correctly. Wisely analyzing this data, as well as deftly maneuvering the grocery store aisles, is the best way to ensure you pick the best and healthiest foods for you and your family. Here are some tips to keep in mind next time you’re at your local grocery store:

Labels, Labels, Labels
Food listed as low in calories now present this information as a badge of honor right on the front of the package. A box of Wheat Thins, for example, brags the crackers contained within possess only 160 calories. This is completely relative; if you really want a 160 calorie Wheat Thin snack, you’re limited to only 16 crackers. The next time you’re shopping, remember that the forward facing labels are simply ad campaigns. These labels are used to sell the food as something delicious and not at all bad for you. The real information is located around the back. Keep serving size in mind, and look out for high levels of fat, sugar, and even sugar substitutes.
Get Real
While you’re looking at the back of the package, look for a percentage sign. On some products, such as juices, the labels are required to tell you how much of that product contains actual juice, for instance. You’re always better off buying 100% real products. If these products have been modified or processed, it’s been minimally so. Limiting additives and preservatives from your diet goes a long way in overall wellness. Plus, if you buy 100% real food and want to add salt or sugar later, you can. This way, you’re in control of how much you eat of either. 
Stick to the Outside
It sounds silly, but it’s true. Grocery stores exist for one purpose alone: to make money. Supermarkets are designed to keep you in the areas where the cheap foods with high markups are located. Unfortunately, these foods are not often considered good for us. The best foods, the fresh fruits, produce and vegetables, are always located on the perimeter of the store. If you stick to the outside, you’re certain to make better food choices.

As mentioned before, living a healthful lifestyle is a matter of balance. There’s a saying that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, meaning that even if you dedicate a large portion of your day to physical fitness, a bad diet can unravel much of your work. The opposite is also true, and without an exercise regimen, the best of diets will land you short of your fitness goals. If you’re ready to start an exercise program and want to build a home gym solution in your home or office building, give RallyFitness a call today. They offer high quality fitness equipment for a multitude of programs, including CrossFit. Call RallyFitness today at 855-RallyFit!

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