Latest CrossFit Market Research Data

Each January, corporate gym companies wait for the money to come rolling in thanks to overindulgence during the holidays and those New Year's Resolutions. Since 2011, however, they have been able to count less and less on this rapid infusion of capital into their company's coffers. Google Analytics has shown that web searches have remained stagnant for the Big Four corporate gyms, while searches related to the fitness phenomenon of CrossFit have skyrocketed over the last four years, with little sign of slowing.

The popularity of CrossFit by the numbers is interesting. Viewing a breakdown of locations and demographic groups is key information for health experts ready to open their own "Box" or improve an existing facility.


Under 18: 18%

18 - 24   :  6%

25 - 34   : 40%

35 - 44   : 20%

45 - 54   :  8%

55 - 64   :  2%

65+        :  5%

From a marketing perspective, 25 - 44 is the sweet spot to aim for in fitness and health related industries and other self-improvement businesses. This age range is settling into adulthood and likely wants to regain or maintain the youthful figure from their high school days.

Percentage of CrossFitters who hold post-graduate degrees: 40%

This is a driven core group of people who have shown they have what it takes to work hard to achieve their goals. What makes you think they won't put that same work and determination toward their commitment to CrossFit?

Annual Income of Over 50% of CrossFitters: $150,000

A post-graduate degree usually means your career pays better than if you only had a bachelor's degree or high school diploma. Over 50% of CrossFit participants are financially able to maintain their CrossFit memberships.

Male Participation:     50%

Female Participation:  50%

Yes. You read that right. The discrepancy by gender is so close that there is no significant statistical difference.


The CrossFit brand has been growing by leaps and bounds since 2005, when there were just 13 Affiliates. In fact, in eight short years, the growth rate has consistently doubled every other year since 2006, with more than 10,000 independently owned Affiliate boxes the world over.

  • 72% of the Affiliates are based in the United States.
  • 23.1% are located in Europe, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand (combined).
  • The CrossFit Games has enjoyed a year-over-year increase in participation of 166%, with competition in Women's divisions far outpacing the Men's.
  • Monthly class attendance typically spikes in the month of July. There were approximately 173,000 attendees in July, 2014.


CrossFit's global penetration is anchored by almost 7,500 Affiliates in the United States, where it first gained popularity. Which states are nuts about the exercise movement, and which could seemingly care less?

To find the answer, we took the average of three variables: number of CrossFit Affiliates per capita, number of CrossFit Facebook posts, and the States Google Trends score for the term "CrossFit." The states where CrossFit is most and least popular may surprise you.


Coming in dead last were the two Dakotas. With a small population of serious people who have more important things to do, it's not a huge leap to understand why CrossFit isn't favored here.

Tied at 40th are two states which likely have nothing else in common aside from this ranking. Wisconsin and Kentucky residents have probably heard of CrossFit, but it's almost certain they are in the dark on what a "WOD" is.

Dead center and tied at 24th on the list are Alaska and Missouri. CrossFit is probably a great way to work off the winter weight needed to keep you warm on those long Alaskan winter nights. Missouri's urban centers of Kansas City and St. Louis helped to secure their place on the list.

And now for the big reveal. 

The Top 5 States for CrossFit

5th:     Washington

3rd:     Utah

- tied -

3rd:     Texas

2nd:     Hawaii

1st:     Colorado

With a target market of dedicated, determined, and educated young professionals, the skyrocketing success of the CrossFit brand is certain to continue in the coming years. But with all of that high market penetration, it is important to set your Box apart from the others. Make certain you have the most functional and up-to-date equipment for your CrossFitters to use and abuse. Contact RallyFitness, and let us consult you on developing or upgrading your Box.


Gail McCollom
Gail McCollom

May 05, 2019

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Alex Stoermer
Alex Stoermer

June 06, 2017


This is great info, thank you. I’m also looking for information on source of this data / research, can that be provided? It will help me in my plans and to better understand what Rally Fitness can provide, thank you!


Alex Stoermer


October 25, 2016

Hi there, i noticed demographic data about the racial/ethnic background of crossfit adherents is omitted from this report. Is there a reason for that? Are crossfit members mostly white? and if so, is there a way to remedy that gap?

Jon Horvath
Jon Horvath

September 06, 2016

Hi, I see the demographics above but was wondering if anyone had an estimate for number of persons that participate in Crossfit in the US and globally The 173K class attendees in July is not a very compelling figure for 10K affiliates. Does this mean 17 classes were attended at each affiliate on average? Sounds low to me.


June 03, 2016

I would like to share this information in my country Tanzania. CrossFit is a new fitness components in Africa. I also want to conduct a step survey in my country regarding corporate physical activity’s time management

Tim Mackey
Tim Mackey

April 27, 2016

I wanted to use this information for a class presentation. Can you tell me if Rally Fitness was the conductor of this research, if not who, and if so, how?

Thank you,

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