Getting Fat And Working Out

When it comes to overall health and fitness, there’s no such thing as a “magic bullet.” Sure, dietitians and fitness buffs alike have been searching for just such a cure-all for years, but time and again one fact has remained true: Balance is the key to wellness. No amount of cutting out carbs, sugars, meat, or whatever else will help you achieve your wellness goals if you never sweat it out on the treadmill. And all those planks and burpees aren’t going to slim your waistline if you enjoy a pint of ice cream three times a week. Yet another study has been released to this effect, reinforcing again that even if you overcompensate one for the other, you need a healthy diet and exercise to achieve total wellness.

The new study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research doesn’t come right out and recommend a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise. Instead, it notes that many subjects in their study didn’t lose any weight, even after they put them through an aerobic exercise program. The New York Times breaks down the numbers and notes that the participants, a group of 81 “healthy but sedentary women” were told they’d be taking part in a fitness study. These women were asked to partake in some regular treadmill exercises, but that’s all. They didn’t have to change their diet or any other part of their daily lifestyle.

After the 12 week study concluded, the scientists from Arizona State University in Phoenix noticed something strange. Each of the women had increased their aerobic abilities, but the majority of them ended up putting on more weight then they had before the study: they were working out but getting fatter despite their efforts. As they began to take a careful look at the data, the scientists noticed something interesting. The women who lost weight within the first four weeks of the 12 week study continued to lose weight while others didn’t.

The researchers say this is probably because the women who wanted to lose weight likely adjusted their diet in addition to exercising on the treadmills. As for the other women? This study didn’t ask the participants to change their eating habits, meaning any bad habits from before were likely carried over. As a correlation, previous studies have shown that some people who exercise regularly but don’t lose any weight are sneaking in “rewards” for themselves in the way of sweet treats. In other words, squeezing in a workout will never be a bad thing and will even make you healthier, but if you want to lose weight as well, you’ll need to cut out the sodas and Twinkies.

As more studies as this one are released, we become all the more aware of the effects our lifestyles have on our total health. Thankfully, many are choosing to make a change and incorporate both a healthy diet and regular exercise into their life. This is made even easier when a gym is conveniently available. If you own an apartment building, business complex, or block of condos, consider helping your tenants and neighbors by offering a complete gym solution. Rally Fitness offers many types of gym equipment, including traditional barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates. Contact us today and we’ll help you build the best total gym solution for your tenants.

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