The Latest Fitness Tracker

The term "wearables", referring to devices like Google Glass, Fitbit Fitness Trackers, and smart watches, is the latest trend that incorporates technology more seamlessly into our everyday lives. Though still relatively new, these devices make our daily lives a bit easier to manage. 

Fitness trackers, usually no larger than a bracelet, are able to track heart rate, count steps taken in a day, and monitor our sleep patterns, sending that information to your computer or smartphone. Much of this data is interesting to see but does little to actually inspire one to adjust their lifestyle for a healthier existence. 

Enter Fitbug's KiQplan, a new tailored diet and exercise program that works with your existing fitness tracker. A KiQplan is a personalized 12 week fitness plan designed around your current health and desired fitness goals. With plans called "slim+trim", "healthy baby bump", "goodbye baby bump", and "beer belly blaster", users easily identify the plan that best suits their needs. And at only $20 per plan, it is like having the most affordable personal trainer on the fitness tracker you already own.

Each of the four available plans incorporate nutritional advice, recommended alterations to your sleep schedule, and a personalized workout plan that employs an animated tutorial to help ensure you are performing the prescribed exercises optimally. 

Fitbug has also developed their own KiQplan app for both iOS and Android devices. Users can access this free app to view their activity and keep tabs on their overall progress. The app also allows you to enter certain lifestyle habits, like smoking and drinking, to see how those affect your goals in real time. 

As technology in the fitness realm continues to progress, the truth of health and fitness remains the same: you have to get out there and do some sweating. Businesses and organizations that want to provide a health and wellness facility for their employees and customers don't need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to planning a gym. The professional and courteous staff at Rally Fitness have over three decades in the fitness industry and are ready to help you design a facility that helps people reach their goals. Call Rally Fitness today for a free consultation! (855) 725-5934

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