Body Weight Training to be Next Hot Workout Trend in 2015

For the past 9 years, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has been tracking the most popular health and fitness trends in America. Regimens like strength training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are regular members of this list, but this year the organization expects a tried and true method to be the hot workout of 2015. According to the ACSM, body weight training will be all the rage next year. Body weight training may be the most simplistic of all workouts, allowing proponents to shed pounds and get fit by using their own body weight as resistance. Examples of this type of workout include lunges, push-ups, planks and squats. HIIT workouts are expected to remain popular next year and earned the number 2 spot in the list, and workouts with a professional trainer came in at the number 3 spot. 

There are plenty of reasons to explain body weight training’s new found popularity. To begin, this type of workout may be best suited to the beginner, the person who might be intimidated by the heavy weights and the musclebound hefting them at the local gym. Using ones own body weight is also incredibly efficient, as everyone already owns all the equipment they’ll need to get their workout in. Beyond the practical benefits of body weight workouts, studies have shown this type of exercise to be quite effective. Those who spend time doing ab roll-outs, pull-ups and squats reported improved movement, improved strength, and better reactive strength. Additionally, those new to this kind of exercise can still reap the benefits of working with a trained professional to help them perform these movements in a proper and safe manner.

Though it’s been utilized for centuries, body weight training first appeared on ACSM’s trends list in 2013 at the number 3 position. Since then it’s gradually moved up the ranks, coming in at number 2 in 2014. This year’s hot workout, high-intensity interval training, has been bested by body weight training but still ranks in the top ten at the number 2 spot. HIIT has also been seen to be an efficient way to get fit, allowing exercisers to get maximum results from 30 minutes of quick-then-slow training. Programs such as CrossFit helped put HIIT on the fitness map, and while it’s been shown to be an effective way to lose weight and trim up, it hasn’t been without its detractors. Those who disapprove of the workout say it can be dangerous to those who aren’t physically fit enough to quickly transition from periods of high-intensity workouts to resting periods.

Though fitness trends come and go, the main purpose of getting active and staying fit remains the same. Including some kind of workout regimen into your lifestyle can increase your lifespan, reduce your risks of cardiovascular disease, and even boost your brain power. When you’re ready to dedicate time to your own health and well-being, give RallyFitness a call. They offer high quality fitness equipment for all kinds of programs, from office workout facilities to home gyms. Give RallyFitness a call today at 855-RallyFit

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