Microsoft Announces Band and Health

If you believe industry analysts and market watchers, the next big thing in technology are tiny computers made to be worn somewhere on your body. The market-friendly term for these computers is “Wearables,” and the biggest tech firms have already jumped in to add their product to the fray. As a catch-all term, wearables are generally glasses or watches that serve up data, usually notifications you’re receiving from your phone. As the industry works to figure out what wearables can do and if anybody wants to buy them, they’ve circled around one specific use case in which a wearable is well suited: Fitness.

Now Microsoft joins the likes of Apple and Samsung with Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, a wearable device and software combination which monitors several aspects of your overall health. After a slight hiccup wherein Microsoft prematurely released its Health app on the Mac App Store, the Washington-based company officially introduced the world to Microsoft Band. Like other devices to come before it, Microsoft Band goes on your wrist and is packed full of sensors to gather as much data about your life as your wrist is willing to give up. The small device has a camera to sense your pulse, accelerometers and gyroscopes to determine how and when you move, sensors to measure and read both ambient and UV lighting, and a thermometer to read your skin’s temperature.

Microsoft Band also comes equipped with bluetooth to communicate with your phone. It also has it’s own GPS, which means runners can leave their phone at home and still collect all their miles. This ability to stand alone is an important feature for Microsoft Band. Other similar products, such as Apple Watch or any Android Wear devices, mustn’t only be paired to a phone, but paired to a very specific kind of phone if they’re to work as advertised. Apple Watch, for instance, will only partner with newer iPhones, meaning that while it can still collect data about your heart rate and track how many steps you took, this information can’t be synced or sent to the cloud by an Android phone. In addition to announcing the device, Microsoft also announced Microsoft Health, the multi-platform app by which data collected by Band is gathered, analyzed, and kept in sync.

This means Windows Phone, Android, and yes, even iPhone owners can use Microsoft Band. It’s yet to be seen how popular wearables in any shape, size, and form will be. Those devices focused on fitness, however, are truly helpful and useful gadgets. Good data goes a long way to reassure you if you’ve decided to lose weight or stay fit. Good data can answer questions you may have about your progress and can even encourage you to take the extra 100 steps to beat your goal. The important thing, of course, is to get active and stay healthy. The infusion of tech only makes it easier to get moving and get more out of every workout. Making the best of your wearable devices relies on employing tried and true exercise equipment typically found in your favorite gym or Crossfit facility.

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