The Full-Body Kettlebell Workout Move

Kettlebell exercises are a great combination of strength training and calorie burning that’ll keep all your muscle groups conditioned and help prevent osteoporosis, too. Why? Kettlebell exercises require different muscle groups to coordinate whenever you do a move, which means multiple toning, fat-burning benefits in less time. A single swing might engage your abs, legs, arms, and glutes at the same time.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s a simple exercise that will get you conditioned fast:

The Kettlebell Swing

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  2. Keeping back and arms straight, grab your kettlebell handle with both hands, knuckles out, facing away from your body.
  3. Lean forward from hips and swing the bell back between your legs
  4. In one motion, straighten legs and push hips forward to propel the kettlebell up
  5. Lower slowly down and repeat

Using the momentum generated from your hips and thighs protects your back, firms your butt and thighs, and works your abs, too. Slowly lower the ball while maintaining control to give your arms a nice workout as well.

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