Why CrossFit Is (Not) Bad For Your Health

The CrossFit craze has swept the nation for over eight years now, but many health experts warn that the extreme, over-the-top workouts could be bad for your health. Though the jury is still out on the final verdict, we’ll run through some common misconceptions about CrossFit and you can decide if it is a good addition to your workout routine or if it should be shelved.

CrossFit is only a workout regime. What good is any workout routine with the proper dieting and lifestyle changes? CrossFit is a form of lifestyle coaching. You’ll get a healthy serving of nutritional guidance in addition to killer workout routines designed to push your body to the limit and get you in the best shape of your life. Many CrossFit studios also offer a host of other “non-CrossFit” related exercise and wellness options too like aerobics, pilates and even mediation programs. Plus, the CrossFit community is like no other and you can benefit from the relationships you build with your trainers and other CrossFit enthusiasts. Unlike other gyms, CrossFit is designed to give you the support you need to make the lifestyle changes that will improve your health and overall wellness.

You’ll be too sore and stiff to move. Who isn’t sore after a good workout? Whether you’re training for a marathon, doing high-intensity aerobics or taking a stab at your first CrossFit workout, you’re bound to be sore. But, as your mind and body get used to the workouts, your soreness will reduce after each session. In fact, CrossFit can give you more flexibility than other workout regimes. CrossFit’s warmup and cooldown routines stretch out muscles that normally would have gone unnoticed and remained stiff. So, in reality, by working your body beyond what was possible but also being attentive to proper pre- and post-workout recommendations, CrossFit can have you feeling as limber as a gymnast.

CrossFit isn’t for strength training. Believe it or not, strength training is one of the cornerstones of CrossFit. You’ll become very familiar with lifting weights and various lifting techniques to take your fitness and strength to the next level. The CrossFit training program will get you toned and build up both your endurance and strength by using a host of different (and unique) approaches. Most CrossFit enthusiasts are shocked at the level of strength they’re able to achieve, even in a short time. The more you workout your body muscles, the stronger and healthier they’ll become.

CrossFit has a host of benefits that go well beyond flipping tires. Recent studies have even shown that CrossFit is a relatively safe program and is at the same level of health risk as gymnastics. If you’re looking for professional CrossFit equipment to get you started or to continue the workout fun at home check out Rally Fitness’ extensive collection of CrossFit must-haves here.

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