CrossFit Rock Solid - How to Get Started

Welcome to the CrossFit Rock Solid family! Joining CrossFit is more than a workout regime, it’s a commitment to healthy living and being part of a supportive workout community. Whether you’ve already had your first, intense CrossFit rock solid session or planning to hit the ground running soon, it is important to set your expectations and goals appropriately so you can achieve the greatest level of success.


Here are the top three things to get you started and working your way to having a rock solid CrossFit body.

  • Commit to a diet. Many CrossFitters choose to follow a Paleo diet or something similar. Assuming you do not have any dietary restrictions that would prevent you from following a low-carb, high-protein diet, then getting your mindset ready to take on a new way of eating is key. If you’re not sure which diet to follow, try cutting back on your fat and carb intake gradually over time. This way the change will feel more subtle and you may be able to maintain it longer than just quitting carbs “cold turkey”.
  • Schedule your workouts and stick to it. As with any long-term goal or lifestyle change, you have to be prepared to attend workouts, follow your eating plan and keep up with exercise regimes outside of CrossFit. You may be sore the first few sessions and even doubt if you can maintain such a rigorous workout schedule, but if you stick to it, it will pay off greatly in the end. Achieving the CrossFit rock-solid physique takes work and mental dedication, but if you want it, you can get it!
  • Get a CrossFit rock solid buddy. Do you know someone who attend CrossFit regularly? Or, perhaps you have a health nut in your life? Either way communicating your goals to others is a great way to keep you honest and working toward your exercise goals. CrossFit provides a welcoming and supportive community of health-conscious individuals that will naturally keep you motivated. But, having a friend, coworker, neighbor, or family member get in on the CrossFit fun with you can help you stay on track.
CrossFit has a host of benefits that you can only reap if you’re serious about putting in the work. Set realistic health goals for yourself and get started at your own pace. Doing too much, too soon can be just as big of a setback as not doing enough. Whether you’re hitting the CrossFit Rock Solid gym every week or doing intense workouts at home, Rally Fitness is here to help. Check out our wide selection of CrossFit equipment and resources to get started.


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