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October 19, 2014


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Facebook Cheers on 800 Pound Man On His Weight Loss Journey

Everyday more people are using social networking as a tool to reach their personal fitness goals. Smartphone applications such as Nike Running, for instance, integrate Facebook and Twitter and allow runners to post their achievements and receive virtual “cheers” from their friends.

There’s one St. Louis man, however, who is getting cheers from more than 10,000 well-wishers and friends on his way toward his own fitness goals. Larry Evans let his weight climb to 800 pounds before he decided to shed some major pounds and save his life. He’s now under 650 pounds thanks in no small part to “Team Larry,” a Facebook group with thousands of followers. Larry has also created a GoFundMe page to help him raise money as he continues his weight loss journey.

More than four months ago, Larry began posting videos of his workout everyday to Facebook. The videos of Larry lifting weights, running an underwater treadmill, or pedaling a stationary bicycle are often accompanied with hashtags like “#GetFitDontQuit,” or “#ShhhDoWork.” The story of his progress has even inspired another hashtag: “#TeamLarry.” A fan page has been setup for those who claim #TeamLarry and allows them to watch as he works hard to drop the pounds. Team Larry has expanded to include two more inspiring individuals who have decided to shed the pounds in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Larry’s local Gold’s Gym has taken the extra steps to help him along his journey by asking other members to donate healthy food items and cheer him on. At his last check-in, Larry had lost 150 pounds and now weighs 650 pounds. Though he has not posted his final goal, Larry seems to have the determination and the guts to achieve any and all fitness goals he has set for himself.

A GoFundMe page set up by Larry is requesting donations to help him along the way. According to the website, Larry is on the Body By Vi challenge thanks to a friend who set him up with the program. He is also asking for help to buy two pairs of shoes, some exercise equipment, and healthy, organic meals.

Larry’s progress is indeed an encouragement and a motivation to anyone on their own personal weight loss journey. This touching story is proof that social networking can bring us together as we work to improve our lives.