ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test Equipment

ACFT Army Combat Fitness Test Equipment
Army Combat Fitness Test Kit (ACFT) - Ideal for Military and Army combat fitness testing, include all the following fitness equipment.
  • Hexagon Trap bar x 1
  • Bumper plates: 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 35lb, 45lb (550lbs)
  • Spring collars (pair)
  • Nylon pulling sled with upper body straps x 1
  • 10 lb rubber medicine ball x 1
  • 40 lb kettlebells x 2
  • Measuring tape (w/ metric) x 1
  • Portable squat stand w/ pull up bar x 1
  • ANNEX-D ACFT equipment list meets 100% of specifications.
  • 1 Lane of ACFT equipment available via your Government Purchase Card.
  • Priced under micro-purchase threshold.
  • Price is FOB Destination anywhere CONUS. 
  • Ships and arrives as 1 complete fitness kit.

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