Rally Fitness® Nylon Carpet Drag Sled ACFT includes the Upper Body Sled Strap

The new and improved Rally Fitness heavy-duty nylon carpet drag sled, was designed to be Military grade strength, able to take on the (ACFT) Army Combat Fitness Test, Army Combat PT Test Pack (ACFT) Backward Drag Test.  Weighing only a few pounds, this lightweight sled is built to drag hundreds of pounds of weight plates.  Machine tested to carry 700+ pounds!  Best used on field, grass or turf, this drag sled is also versatile enough to work on a gym's rubber flooring or other smooth surfaces.  DO NOT USE nylon drag sled on rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. 

  • Price Includes the Upper Body Sled Strap! (a $45 + Value!)
  • Dimensions: 19.5" x 23"
  • Nylon Carpet Sled Weight: ~4LB
  • 1” Wide x 93” Long Pull Strap with reinforced handles.
  • Conveniently roll or store flat for everyday use.
  • Weighted Sled Capacity: 4 x 20KG Bumpers; 14 x 20KG Steel Plates
    (Tested vs Spud Inc. Magic Carpet Drag Sled for ACFT)

Price compare at $ on Amazon.com (as of 9/15/22 for the Spud sled and upper body strap) - Order by the 6-pack case and save $304 + with Rally!

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