Rally Fitness® Nylon Carpet Drag Sled ACFT with Upper Body Sled Strap

The new and improved Rally Fitness heavy-duty nylon carpet drag sled was designed to be Military grade strength, able to take on the (ACFT) Army Combat Fitness Test.  Weighing only a few pounds, this lightweight ACFT weight sled is built to drag hundreds of pounds of weight plates.  Machine tested to carry 700+ pounds!  Best used on field, grass or turf, this drag sled is also versatile enough to work on a gym's rubber flooring or other smooth surfaces.  Do not use nylon drag sled on rough surfaces such as concrete or asphalt. 

  • Price Includes Upper Body Sled Strap! (a $45 + Value!)
  • Dimensions: 19.5" x 23"
  • Nylon Carpet Sled Weight: ~4LB
  • 1” Wide x 93” Long Pull Strap with reinforced handles.
  • Conveniently roll or store flat for everyday use.
  • Weighted Sled Capacity: 4 x 20KG Bumpers; 14 x 20KG Steel Plates
    (Tested vs Spud Inc. Magic Carpet Drag Sled for ACFT)

Price compare at $ on Amazon.com (as of 9/15/22 for the Spud sled and upper body strap) - Order by the 6-pack case and save $304 + with Rally!

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